Tuesday, October 2, 2012

31 Days of Finding Home Day 2: I Found H.O.M.E.

Day 2:

I first blogged about my little design project "Trying to Find Home".
Well, I FOUND H.O.M.E.....kinda, half was purchased, and the other half was made by this BaileyFamily.
And I finally got it hung up ...with some help from these silly girls:

and one good-looking Baileyhusband: (my hero to the rescue!)

No surprise that I am obsessed with ALL THINGS HOME! I am always saying that it is our sanctuary, our family's personal refuge. After a long day at work, there is NO PLACE I would rather be. Walking in, my nerves and heart rate seem to mellow and slow down. Home is a place where the world's cares are gone, and you can just be YOU. 

Since I had purchased the O and E, I looked around our home and farm to see what material to make the H and M out of...and I love the results. H is old barn boards and M is branches.

HOME is my favorite 4-letter word...

This is truly a focal point of our Great Room.......
I now believe our ENTRY WAY is complete! (Well, for now....I AM
a serial re-arranger)
Stay tuned for more of my 31 days series.....


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