Monday, October 8, 2012

31 Days of Finding Home: Day 8 Dorm Sweet Dorm

Day 8

For some people, their first home "of their own" is actually their college dorm. With my first born gone away to college this past summer....came a new adventure for us. Knowing my daughter, her dorm room HAD to have the FEELING OF HOME. And doing my research for today's post, I'm glad she has a cool, comfortable place to study, rest, eat, and socialize!

Just look at some of the spaces I have found out in the WORLD WIDE WEB:

This one hurts my eyes and would be my WORST nightmare!

Or this one....and I'm sorry to anyone who belong to these rooms!

Yes, I do tend to have OCD when it comes to the way a room looks and feels, but come on!!! Those rooms pictures above do not evoke a feeling of comfort or a good place to study!!!

Look at this one:

Or this one:

Now those are more like it!! Beautiful, comfortable, stylish, and a perfect place for the students who call those dorms "Home". Now, I am NOT naive...these pictures were most likely taken on move in day, or at least cleaned up for the sake of the picture....but the feeling is home is still evident.
And for those of you who didn't read my post: Moving Her are some pictures of 
MY DAUGHTER'S dorm room:

Storage is well as display space for her memorabilia.

We know that Pottery Barn has fantastic ideas, bedding, and decor. And I love their pictures for inspiration:
via pbteen
Most college students would JUST KILL to have the amount of space these rooms show! Which makes me believe that these aren't true dorm rooms.
via pbteen
I think you can have style and comfort no matter the size of space you are dealing with.
And even after she lived there for a little while, I am happy to report that it still looks like this:

Which makes this OCD Mama very proud! :)

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