Thursday, October 11, 2012

31 Days of Finding Home: Day 11 Coming Home

Day 11

Have you ever felt that you just didn't belong? 

Maybe you have a group or organization you are a part of...that doesn't necessarily make you feel welcome?

Had a REALLY BAD DAY and couldn't get away from it all fast enough??

Maybe someone has hurt you beyond repair.....or a loved one has passed?

We have ALL had days or times in our lives like that...and that is when focusing on something comforting, heartwarming, and REAL is the most important!

Finding a HAPPY PLACE in our mind and our hearts....
THAT IS home.

Coming Home

It's a four letter worda place you go to heal your hurtIt's an alter, it's a shelterOne place you're always welcome
a pink flamingo, double wideOne bedroom in a high risea mansion on a hillWhere the memories always willkeep you companywhenever you're aloneafter all of my runningI'm finally coming Home
The world tried to break meI found a road to take meHomeThere ain't nothing but a blue sky nowAfter all of my runningI'm finally comingHome

Well they say its where the heart isand I guess the hardest part iswhen your heart is brokenand you're lost out in the great wide open
looking for a mapfinding your way backto where you belongwell that's where I belong


Copied from 

"Coming Home" Gwyneth Paltrow- Country Strong

That song says it all...and is very comforting to me when my days aren't as rosy as I would like. If everyone had that FEELING OF HOME...there would be a lot less anger, hatred, and cruelty. 
For, at HOME, all the best of YOU is there.... ~Kim

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