Sunday, September 30, 2012

31 days of Finding Home

Welcome to my 31 Days Challenge...
I will show a link to all days as they are posted, scroll down to see Day 1.

Hello there! It has been a while since I have been on my blog. Life got a little hectic, and I needed to take a breather from some of the things that I enjoyed, to free up time to do things that had to be done.

And now I am jumping back in head first! I am taking on a challenge made by a blogger I follow:
the lovely Nester. She started this a few years ago and now it is a great big hit in the "blogging world".
For 31 straight days in the month of October, she challenges us to choose ONE topic and write about it for the whole month!!!!!!!
So I hope you follow along on my journey of 31 will be challenging, but fun!

DAY 1:
This one is an easy one for me.....what means more to me than chocolate cake and 
country music, combined....and this is HOME. 

I believe the word HOME is more than just a place where we keep our stuff, or sleep at night.....

Think about what HOME means to you....

Is it the place you grew up? Your hometown?

Is it the space you have created with your own 2 hands for your family?

Is it the church you go to on Sundays?

The vacation spot you visit regularly?

From good ol' Webster's Dictionary: Definition # 1

I am so excited to write about my favorite topic for the next 30 days...I hope you come back each day and see what I have come up with for FINDING HOME.


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Jerimi said...

What a lovely idea for a blog series! I can't wait to see what ideas you have. Thanks for sharing. :)

This is "What I NEVER knew that I ALWAYS wanted"

A born and raised city girl, finding the country life to be the real me! Every day is an adventure, and each season brings new excitement and experiences. I am learning and loving the path of finding my true passion....making this little farm our HOME!