Tuesday, October 9, 2012

31 Days of Finding Home Day 9: Miniature Homes

Day 9

Remember dreaming of owning your very own BARBIE DREAM HOUSE?? 
My childhood was spent playing with my Barbies and their cars, dream house, and furniture. 
This summer, at the State Fair, we stumbled upon this little contest of miniature houses (and barns). 

(Please don't judge me on the HORRIBLE photography...these were taken from my phone...
through a glass case!)

The builder of this cabin thought of it all!! The details are amazing.

The interiors were just as detailed and fun!

Some contestants built barns....

Some built chicken coups...this was called the HEN HOUSE:

The interior was amusing...a little hen setting the table:

Snow White's cottage:

And lastly...a Snow-capped Gingerbread House:

My children and I started discussing what a fun family project this would be! 
Baileyhusband DID built our home, and all the buildings on our farm.....and also this miniature replica of our barn:

So much for Barbie Dream Houses....MY children are dreaming of tiny mountain cottages and barns!
Maybe since we already have the barn, we should take a stab at a replica of our home!?
Oh....that would be fun! We could have tiny people inside....a woman who is pushing furniture around (obsessively rearranging), a man cooking in the kitchen (yes, I am lucky!), girls sitting on the sofa playing on their tiny cell phones, and boys throwing a football through the middle of the living room!

Yep, I think it would win the Blue Ribbon at the State Fair!

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