Sunday, June 30, 2013

Making HAY


P.S. There was alot of pictures taken of the actual haying process, but not by me. I will try to get some of those snapshots and share soon. But I HAD to show my hardworking, handsome Baileyhusband! :)

Friday, June 28, 2013

One room, Three Ways (#3)

Today is the final day of my challenge One Room, Three Ways brought to you by Jennifer Rizzo, whom I have got the pleasure of meeting...and she is as sweet in person as she is on her blog! 

I have to say that my dear children were pretty helpful in this process. After every room "reveal" to them, my youngest son would proclaim "THIS is the best room you've done!" and then I would re-do it, and he would proclaim the same thing! :) And then I would ask the boys to carefully help me tear everything down so I could start over! It helped that I did not move any of our main pieces. No HEAVY lifting required! 
So without further ado.........

Here is the room as it ALWAYS looks:

And option #3....

Burlap, denim, recycled......playful!

I kept the jute rug alone, this room is more about summer with the kids being home ALL. DAY.
My favorite accessory: the large vintage globe. I also re-used some of the oil paintings.

My boys' little denim tent. We have some little niece and nephews that come to visit and have a ball in here.

Just covered some pillows in denim and seed sacks....and used some of my bagillian crates I have stashed all over our home.

And of course, the piece-de-resistance....our water trough recycled trunk made by our son for a 4H project that I blogged about HERE.

I have a lot of old barnwood frames, and used one on the wall, just turned it backwards for a little conversation piece. 

Well, there you have it. See, it wasn't too hard at all. I am a serial re-arranger and re-styler....but I don't believe rooms should ever stay the same. Mix it up a little, you would be surprised at how much it changes your perspective on your home. 
Now that you have seen all is a recap:

Way#1: the turquoise.

Way#2: the winter white.

And Way#3: the denim and burlap.

I hope you have enjoyed my little project....and believe me, no marriage was hurt in the process...or backs. Just shopped my GO and do yours!!

Thursday, June 27, 2013

One Room, Three Ways( #2)

Hello good friends! 
Well, I didn't get a divorce from the chaos that I caused in this house yesterday! 
Thank goodness Baileyhusband just smiled when I told him what I did ALL day....

So now on to my second look, and again, 
here is what our family room NORMALLY looks like:

and this time I added a sense of "Calm" (and if you know us, calm is not in our vocabulary! ha)

Like I said yesterday....all the main characters stayed the same. I just wanted to re-style this room by adding different accessories, rugs, pillows, lamps, sidetables, etc. Any person can do this on their own, just clear it out and start with a blank slate. It actually is quite fun! 

This is something that I would like in the winter...a lot of texture and comfort.
These are every cream pillow that I could find in our home...some I've had for years!
Now, I know that normally people don't sit on their sofas with this many pillows, but since I am the official pillow picker-uper and re-fluffer around here, all these pillows make me happy! And the little ones like to have something to throw at each other and build their forts with anyways! :)

Of course, the bookshelf had to be re-styled. Very uncluttered and simple this time. 

How about my new love? Yep, this is a REAL cowhide rug....and you know how I love cows! 
This is SUPER silky soft, wonderful on bare feet (only if they are clean, boys)!
I also brought in the lamps and chair from our bedroom....

Thanks for stopping by to take a look at what is my FAVORITE hobby! 
Tomorrow I will show the last look that I did to this room, don't worry's already changed again....I have about 5 other looks running through my head, but this is just a THREE ways Challenge! :)

P.S. I will be linking up to this "Party" tomorrow also!

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

One Room, Three Ways!

Now I LOVE a good challenge, especially when it comes to design, actually RE-design.

I have a large quantity of blogs that I "Follow", and some of my favorites came together for this challenge. You can see the beginning of it HERE. 
Thanks Jen, for putting this together, what fun!!

So here is my room that I re-designed 3 ways:

This is where we LIVE. everyday.

So, for this challenge, and to make this process painless,
I kept all the main characters the same. Our sofas (which are sooooo comfy), our TV armoire, our bookcase, and the whatcha-ma-call-it hanging on the vaulted wall. (don't judge, it was .25 cents at a garage sale!) At least there aren't 5 deerheads hanging there like there USED to be. ;) Just ONE!

So here is my RE-design #1:

I took down most of the family portraits we had on this bookshelf, and restyled it. I am liking this look, but will probably put back all my pictures.......

These are vintage oil paintings I have picked up recently, and love that they look good together!
And this lamp from Target is a fun whimsy addition to this room.

Truth be told, I "borrowed" some things from my daughter's room,( sorry Sis, everything has been put back, I promise) this papasan chair and the print above the shelves....and SOME of the pillows!

I layered a rug that was being used in the front room over our jute rug. This helps in bringing some much needed color to our floor. 

Even though I am totally completely smitten with this iron window, I actually picked it up for a friend that I am helping with the interior design of her new home. (If you are reading this JH, isn't it gorgeous??)

I had so much fun doing this....and why not?? It did not cost me a dime! Just shopped around my own home and found things that went together. It really does put a new perspective on your rooms.
Now for the REALLY hard part,  how do I explain to  Baileyhusband that the dishes, laundry, and yard work didn't get done today? :) 
Oh well.....PLEASE come back tomorrow and see this room done a different way. I just got done looking at all the pictures of all 3 ways, and I don't know which look is my favorite!?

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Monday, June 17, 2013

An UNplanned day!

Sometimes its the unplanned days that are the very best!
This past week, we had an unexpected baseball game cancellation. And so we had family work with our cows! Honestly, these are our favorite days....

And yes, this is our Miniature Hereford bull, Hawkeye. He is a yearling bull, and oh so very tame. So Daddy thought it would be fun for the boys to "Ride a Bull". No bucking or running, Hawkeye is too sweet for that! 

Well, Good Evening to you too, Hawkeye! I know you are so excited for the fresh grass!

These pictures, which were impromptu....were taken with the Baileyhusband's little ol cell phone. Sorry for the poor quality! 

And I want to share with you another photo I found on his little ol cell phone! I know some husbands would have pictures of things that wouldn't be wife-worthy....yet, this one made me laugh......

The man DOES like big butts, he is oh so very proud of these! IF you are a cow person, you know that this is what the judges (at cow shows) look for. 

I have seen this on a sweatshirt and am seriously considering purchasing one for my dear man. 
Hopefully, this summer, we will have many of these unplanned days....and hopefully, I will have my good camera with me! :)

Tuesday, June 4, 2013


This is MINE: 

                                                              Yes, it is an outhouse! 
I was lucky enough (ie CRAZY enough) to have won this at an auction this past weekend!
These photos were taken with my phone, at it's current owner's home.
Soon, Baileyhusband and his trusty machines will be bringing it home, to IRISHMAN ACRES! 
I am in negotiations as to WHERE to place it......and of course, I will keep you all posted on it's progress :)

Isn't it so cute? It is a REAL hole in one....once actually "used" in a small town nearby. 
Don't know yet if I will make the Baileykids use it, or just use it for storage :)
I'll keep ya posted on that one too! 

Monday, June 3, 2013

SUMMER is here!

This is a FIRST for me.....
I am home this summer.....ALL summer!

Let the fun, fantastic projects, and flip flops commence!

My mind doesn't even know where to begin....I'm kind of A.D.D. and think about painting my bookcases in our front room, then I change to planning a overhaul of our storage room, then want to re-do our landscaping in our walk-out.....then think about taking the kids on all the field-trips I have planned for the summer. Oh, then I need to finish some flower plantings on our porch, but REALLY need to powerwash our deck.....

Maybe I will just sit and rest.....all this "thinking and planning" exhausts me!

Our Spring/Summer (for now) mantel

A new Antique oil painting I recently acquired.... #inLOVE

I have been busy summer-fying our by room. 

I am excited to have this time to spend on my blog, and hopefully get some projects completed, photographed, and shared this ENTIRE summer!! Each room and outdoor space will be getting some attention, and I will be updating our tabs for the "home tour and farm tour".

I hope you can follow along as my family and I have so much to share about our home and farm for the next few months, lots of projects!!

I will be sharing more on my Facebook page, you can like here.

And of course, I am always perusing Pinterest, you can follow me here.


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