Saturday, September 6, 2014

What a Difference a Weekend and a Rug can Make

Happy September friends! Now that school is in full swing, and our days are (kinda) getting cooler, I have FALL on my brain! And to me, this time of year is like a new beginning...a way to get re-organized, look at your rooms that you spend the most time in and get them all cozi-fied. A place where you LOVE to spend time in! 

Last weekend, I got to spend the most amazing 3 days with my 3 sisters and my mama in Chicago. It was my oldest sister's birthday celebration weekend, and it couldn't have been timed any better. It wasn't until we were away for 24 hours that I felt like this was so needed. Spending time away from all your responsibilities, for just a few hours or a few days, is a great re-start for your soul! 

{All 5 of us in our hotel bathroom!}

And it may have helped that I could do some serious shopping at my favorite store .... 

{Ikea near Chicago}
It's probably a good thing for my wallet that the closest Ikea stores are at least 3-5 hours away.

For starters, I didn't want to put anything on a credit card, so I could only use the cash that I brought. This is a great way to keep me in check, so to speak, because I could SERIOUSLY have spent another $500 easily!! And because I DO want to stay married, I only spent what I took with me. And I didn't really need to eat the rest of the weekend, so I spent almost ALL OF IT. (HAHA) 

{Lake Michigan at the Navy Pier}

The best part of being away on a little "Mama Vaca" is coming home to my family, all rested and recharged. Some of my purchases aren't going to be revealed until after a certain boy's 10th birthday :). But my favorite purchase EVER in the history of EVER is this....


Now people...I have done my research, and this was a huge steal!! Ikea already has great prices on cowhides, the one currently in our bedroom came from a trip to the Minnesota's Ikea last spring break. But I have been stalking black/white cowhides forever. I have heard nasty rumors that if you ordered one online from several different online shops, that it wasn't always what you want. Most of the time it is mostly black with maybe a small spot of white. Not what I wanted or ever pictured for us. I did find an online shop that advertised you get what is actually pictured, so it was going to be my choice for when/if I took the plunge to buy (yet another) cowhide. I know....but one is NEVER enough! :)

My cart was already kind of full, when I saw my dream rug...after making a sprint for it before anyone might see it, I quickly swiped it up....and noticed this....

{A tiny cut about an inch and a half long}

To make a long story short, I swindled them down 20% in their "AS IS" dept. (Who knew there was an "AS IS" in Ikea?? Next time, I'm starting there!) 

I really don't even notice the cut, or even care! (Shhhh...don't tell them that I would have paid full price). Baileyhusband has already promised to stitch it up with taxidermy needle and thread, but in the meantime, our coffee table is covering the problem! 

Our front room is one of my favorite rooms. I read, use the computer, listen to Wyatt play piano, have gossip sessions with my girls, do my morning devotions, and see the view of our front yard in this small yet loved room. 

But something has always been missing....and I knew it. Never wanting to be a dissatisfied homeowner/ decorator...I made due with what I had. And I was fine with it! But now...HOLY COW! (pun intended) And when someone asks what I would grab in case of a fire....this is it! 

Do you see that branding? JC...the initials of the greatest man who walked on this earth. Yet another reason that this is THE. BEST. RUG. EVER.

So thank you to all my sisters and my mama for a fabulous re-charge weekend. What a difference it has made as a mom and a wife for me. 

And also so happy to have finally purchased my dream rug!

 I hope you all find some time for yourself or for your home that may make a difference in how you feel. Happy Weekend!! 

p.s. I have made some changes to the you notice them? Let me know what you think! 

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