Friday, October 12, 2012

31 Days of Finding Home: Day 12 My Addiction

Day 12

This is the 12th day of FINDING HOME in the 31 Days Challenge that I am  stupid brave to be doing!! Honestly it has been fun..and I always have so much to not a challenge at all! :)

No surprise that I love design...I am so interested in it all: from the beginning stages of design (architecture), to design and layout of a room, to all things outdoors (landscaping, outbuildings, etc.)
Where do I find  inspiration for my own home?? Read below.....

Hi, My name is Kim...and I am a HOARDER! To be more specific... I AM A MAGAZINE HOARDER.
If you would look into ANY room in my home, you would stacks of magazines. And in some rooms, MANY STACKS!

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I do try to keep them looking nice and it doesn't start looking like this:

via " Hoarders"

For some reason, I just can't get the nerve to throw them away! Why, with this modern day technology, do I feel the urge not to purge??

Why do I even read magazines anymore? There is all this information on the web now...,, my favorite blogs, and most magazines have online editions!!

Probably for the same reason most people still read books....
1. To get AWAY from technology
2. Easier to sit in your comfy chair, bath, or porch swing and read

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I have a subscription to many different types of magazines.....and I still get a little thrill every time I open up my mailbox and see that a new one has arrived!

Better Homes and Gardens
Country Home
Architectural Digest- although, I think I will NOT be renewing this one.
Traditional Home
Welcome Home
Pottery Barn...what? Isn't THAT a magazine?? It is in my world! :)
Cowboys and Indians
Birds and Blooms
Reader's Digest
Souvenir Magazine (MY NEW FAVORITE!)

I am SURE there are so many more that I can't think of at the top of my head....

I'm starting to get creative on how I "Stack" my mags... and here are a few ideas I found..(but from where else?) Pinterest!

Makes me feel better that I am not alone in my hoarding!

So there you have it..we all can't be perfect...and have perfect homes! I do hope that my magazine addiction doesn't get me on the latest episode of Hoarders: Buried Alive.  :)



Holly said...

I am a magazine hoarder, too. I look back at old ones all the time. We moved last summer - my one little boy asked me "Are we hoarders?" I do keep lots of old windows and stuff too, but I laughed when he asked me that. I moved all of my mags with me - heavy! Thanks for stopping by my blog. :)

BaileyWife said...

Oh too funny! Our garage is also starting to look like a scene from hoarders because of the furniture I have been collecting to re-do (someday)! I think it just means that we have creative minds...I'm going with that excuse!

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