Tuesday, October 16, 2012

31 Days of Finding Home: Day 16 What Makes a Home?

Day 16

What makes a house a home? Sites, smells, sounds, the textures?
 Everyone probably has different opinions on this subject. I have spoke of the feeling that a home should have....but I actually thought about what items, to me, that I have in our house that makes it feel like home.

The sites:

  • Pictures- I have tried to de-clutter recently, but really hard to remove pictures! I love to be surrounded by memories.

  • Memorabilia: history and memories are so important

The picture shown above is FULL of our memories. From albums and items from vacations, to Bibles given by loved ones...most things in my home tell the story of us.

  •   Plants, give the house LIFE- There is a plant in almost every room in my home, including my bathroom!!

  • Books- I have become sort of a book collector. I should probably have a larger library to store them all, but I do sprinkle them around my house....

The sounds:

  • Pets/ animals- for me it is peacocks screaming, chickens clucking, cows mooing, a donkey braying, a dog barking, cats meowing, guineas crying, and turkeys gobbling....most people just have a dog! :)
  • Music to dance to or to comfort you- I literally cannot clean without music, it can change the whole mood in a home!

  • Water-why do you think newborns are soothed by the sounds of running water? My favorite springtime chore is to get my fountain up and running...and it stays on until the snow falls.

The textures:

  • Cozy place to rest (or watch movies!)- My favorite family nights are spent on our sofas...cuddled up watching movies, eating popcorn and m&ms.

  • Pillows-I admit that I have an addiction to pillows....have a whole stash of them to change out different rooms, much to Baileyhusband's chagrin. 

The smells or scents:

  • Candles- If I am home....the candles are burning!

  • Coffee- every morning this aroma is so comforting. And don't bother talking to me until I have had at least 1/2 cup!

  • Baking or cooking in the kitchen- I love that my kids are becoming more and more active in the kitchen!! This is the Heart of the Home. (and I don't particularly like to cook myself....but there is no child labor laws against this, right?) :)

This picture makes me laugh! Brother and Sister baking goodies for a bake sale! :)

The spaces:

  • For gathering with friends and family-I love to have family gatherings in our home. When my house is filled with family, making memories, this just adds to the feeling of HOME.

  • Time alone to recharge (bath or reading nook)-everyone needs their own personal relaxation space...my bathtub is MINE!!

Home definition # 2:

What are some things that you think of when you picture "Home"? Is it anything I've listed?

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