Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Finding Home: Day 30 Our Halloween Home

Day 30

Ok, so this post won't EXACTLY be about Finding Home....but it will be based loosely on the theme.
How about finding a Haunted House?
OR looking for a Home to TRICK OR TREAT?

This year, I was the "driver" of our little pumpkins for their trick or treatin expedition. You see, when you are country folks, we don't walk door to door to get our candy....you drive door to door. And Baileyhusband had to work late :( 
So this is what most of our guests had to be greeted with this year:

Those 3 pumpkins were done by MY 3 pumpkins (my #4 is away at college).
Actually 2 of them have turned into Dracula and a Werewolf. 

Team Edward or Team Jacob? haha
There is nothing more pure, more sweet....than watching your children dress up and have such child-like fun!
Well, one more year of Halloween has been completed.......
Bags are COMPLETELY FULL of future stomach aches and cavities!
Good night all....


Mom In Bliss said...

LOVE your decor! Thanks for letting us "treat" at your house!

BaileyWife said...

PLEASE come back and let those kiddos have a tour of the farm!!

This is "What I NEVER knew that I ALWAYS wanted"

A born and raised city girl, finding the country life to be the real me! Every day is an adventure, and each season brings new excitement and experiences. I am learning and loving the path of finding my true passion....making this little farm our HOME!