Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Finding Home: Day 24 Why I started this blog thing...

Good evening friends! Seems to be harder and harder to get these posts in EVERYDAY...but since I signed up...I am "in for the long-haul". :)

If you are just tuning in or new to this blog, I am in a 31 Days Challenge, set forth by a fellow blogger to write about the same topic every day for the 31 Days in October....whew, I have now made it to day 24!!!! With only one little hiccup (oops, Days 19 and 20) far, so good. If you would like to see the list of all the days in my challenge so far, click right here.


Day 24

I know a lot of you have asked me how (or why) I starting blogging. And here is where it all started:

I actually started at " GOOGLE". And typed in "Celebrity Homes", because I am OBSESSED with celebrities.....and their homes. And the great Google wizards brought me to that FABULOUS blog of  Julia's. She blogs about everything I LOVE to snoop about. And I had NO IDEA that there were other people in the world just like me!?!?

Julia blogs about movie houses....yeah!

She blogs about TV houses.....yeah!

She blogs about REAL celebrity homes.....YEAH!

She actually blogs about real estate listings and other open houses that we might want to sneak a peak at!

And I have been following her ever since!!

I wanted to leave comments on Julia's blog, and I thought that you had to have your own blog to do that. So that is how Irishman's Acres came to be.....and how I started calling myself "BaileyWife". Even though that IS what I am....the wife of a Bailey! :)

So thank you, Miss Julia, and " Hooked On Houses". For you have shown me that I am not alone in my obsession with ALL THINGS HOME.....and you have shown me a creative outlet that I needed.


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Julia @ Hooked on Houses said...

Wow! I had no idea you started your blog because of mine--or that you thought you had to have your own to comment on mine. Ha. Loved hearing your story. Thanks, Kim! And congrats on (almost) making it through the 31-day challenge. I don't think I could do it, so my hat's off to you and all the other bloggers who have taken it on! :)

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