Sunday, October 7, 2012

31 Days of Finding Home Day 7: Finding My Roots

Day 7

Every year on Memorial Day weekend, my sisters, parents, all our children, and I take a drive to visit the cemeteries of my grandparents. I particularly look forward to driving through the hometown where my daddy grew up. My dad not only grew up there...but so did us grandchildren. Every Sunday, we took the 45 minute drive there for dinner...yard work....and garden chores! 

Me...on the front sidewalk

My daddy and I mowing...a weekly task of ours!
All of the cousins with our Grandma and Grandpa
Even though my dad has now passed away...we still continue our yearly visit.
And this past Memorial Weekend, I had my camera with me! In true paparazzi style...I took pictures of my Grandparent's former home.

I wish I had the time (and nerve) to have stopped and explained myself to the current homeowners! :)
I did get some weird looks from the people inside. I am very glad to see that they have done amazing upkeep on this home. The new windows look great, and looks to have had a new roof recently.

I have SO MANY MEMORIES of my childhood here...that large tree, the front porch and sidewalk, those upstairs windows lead to my favorite play spaces. And the garden pictured in the same place my grandmother spent her days, right next to their old chicken coop! (Just like we do at Irishman Acres!)

Even though I technically was raised in the suburbs of our state's capital....this place must be where my soul felt more at home. A pasture for animals, a chicken coop, gardens, history...small town...farmhouse style. This place is more like where I am raising my own children. 
So when I talk about " FINDING HOME"....this is where I find mine....and hopefully someday I will get the nerve to knock on the door and explain who I am and what this home means to me!


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