Monday, October 15, 2012

31 Days of Finding Home: Day 15 Home on the Range

Day 15

Home, Home on the Range....

You knew I couldn't go a whole MONTH without talking about my babies!!!
So this is all about Finding Home...for our COWS! :)

Meet our newest lil one...the one we picked out here:  Eeny Meeny Miny Mo
We chose #19. And now she has a REAL name: Carmele -A- Rae. And she has joined our little mini-herd. (literally, our miniature hereford herd) Although, she is full bred Black Angus. 

We hope that Carmele trains and shows just as good as sweet Clover did at this past year's County Fair!

We are in the process of training SEVERAL little calves here at Irishman Acres.

Our cute little bull, Hawkeye:

The beautiful (and freakishly strong) Cassie-Dee:

And since we are talking cows.....we had a first here at the farm.
We had a vet come out and actually ULTRASOUND our girls to see if/when they got bred.
So we washed the girls up and awaited the arrival of the doc.

Carly Jo


And the shy Clover (this will be here FIRST CALF!)

So in came the (pregnant) doctor..who looked so cute in her coveralls!
And she was happy to report that Claire-A-Belle is actually about 3 months pregnant! Yeah! Nervous because we didn't actually "See it happen".

And sadly: Carly Jo did not show a baby inside :( Doesn't mean she is NOT pregnant, but if she was, she was only a couple weeks into it. Which is not good, her cycle is WAY off. But we will keep our fingers crossed.

And lastly....our sweet Clover....this was a mystery because as I reported back in June: Beware of our Farm, we didn't know if miniature hereford KEN got the job done...because she looked to have been "Cycling" again in July, we took her to a farm that had an Angus Bull for a couple months.
And the good doctor was happy to report that Clover was indeed pregnant....

 ....with at least a 3 month old fetus calf!!! Oh GOODNESS!!! So Ken DID get the job done!!
And now we will have a half-breed. But we know that she will calve easy being that it is half miniature hereford. And hopefully will have a beautiful white face like it's mama.


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