House Tour

*Watch for a new house tour 2016 coming soon.....

Who doesn't like seeing into other people's homes? I know that I tend to drive by slowly when I see someone's door open, or pay attention to every last detail of pictures that people share of themselves in their homes. 
So, here ya go....Welcome to Irishman Acres Home Tour, Summer 2014. 

You can read more about each room by clicking on the name at the top of each new space, it'll take you to the post where I shared more pictures and details.

The entryway

The Front Room

The coffee room

I didn't write a post about this, but thought I'd add this room in, especially since it will probably change in the Fall :)

You can see more of our home's rooms in past posts (not current summer ones) The boy's bathroom: HERE and Gunnar's bedroom: HERE

I know that I still have yet to show our kitchen, it's just never camera ready! We plan on remodeling it soon, and I will show all the details then!

Thanks for coming by and touring our home all summer-y styled, where things NEVER stay the same for long. 

P.S. Check out our little "home on wheels", a re-styled camper HERE.


Mountain Woman at Heart said...

Thanks for commenting on my blog! This is my first visit to your page. I love, love, love the "HOME" signage above your door and the way your fireplace is on. That stone is gorgeous!

Laura Jean said...

Love your coffee room!!!! Also loving your bathroom and shower:)

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