Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Sierra's Dreams and our Barn Sale recap

Let me start out by saying that our Bailey Barn Sale was a success. All the hard work that went into it paid off. It's fun being a little "store owner" for a day....living out a childhood dream of owning a little shop. I soooo appreciate all of our friends and family (and strangers) that came to support our little venture. 

 With that being said, I feel like all of my creativity has been sucked from my body and brain....I'm slowly finding my mojo and getting on with this summer of activities with my kiddos and all the fun projects that I have planned around our home. 

One thing that we sold, that was quite popular, are my daughter's dreamcatchers! Ya'll know that I love anything tribal, especially dreamcatchers! Her vintage style ones (with a crocheted doily in the middle) are her most popular. Sierra has made some amazing ones for baby's nurseries, for Christmas gifts, housewarming, etc. 

I love Sierra's style (my little bohemian chic) and this dreamcatcher making business is a great creative outlet for her. Each one is unique and that is what I love about them! 

Sierra tries to use as many recycled items as possible. We find unique items at antique stores and flea markets and use the feathers from our birds at our farm (all naturally shed). 
I hope she continues to nurture this creative side of herself. And I hope I continue to find places to add more of her creations to our home! 

At the Barn Sale, she sold most of what she brought, and took a lot of custom orders!! If you are interested in one of your own, you can send me an email and we can customize one to your liking...size, colors, accessories, etc.   IrishmanHomes@gmail.com

Thanks, again, to all of our supporters of the Barn Sale, we may be having one again this fall (those are my favorite!), but I will keep you all informed! 

(Please don't judge me on all of these grainy cell phone pictures! I, as usual, forgot my good camera and just wanted to make sure I documented the day with my phone at least! )

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