Sunday, October 28, 2012

Finding Home: Day 28 Weekends at HOME

Day 28

To me, there is NOTHING better than a weekend at my favorite place....HOME.
Don't get me wrong, I thoroughly enjoy watching my son play football, my daughter cheer at her college games, going on little field trips with my kids, taking them to 4H meetings, and visiting family.
But, as rare as they are, having a weekend completely at home is by far....the best!

And although this may not be a fun time to most people....this is what I am so happy about:

15 loads of laundry....sorted, washed, dried, folded, and put away!
Didn't think anyone would be interested in pics of that! :)

2 little boys' bedrooms (including closets!) cleaned, organized!
I will post pics on another post someday....still not completely happy with the arrangement of their rooms.

Living room re-arranged (again!), I am happy with it! (I think?)

Front room, which is our music room/ library/ home office....cleaned!
Which is no small feat....I had huge stacks of paperwork/ mail/ catalogs/ school papers that had accumulated over the past several months that needed purged.  
This room has a floor now!! YEAH!

Coffee room, all cleaned, re-arranged...and cozy-fied....ready for these cold days that are ahead...and it makes you now want to go snuggle by the fireplace.

Rented 4 movies...and have managed to watch 2 of them so far!

Tried to mow our lawn for the last time this season....but just as I started a few paths....the mower acted like it was going to blow up.....turns out the belt we have a large lawn ornament until we have time to fix it! (Hopefully this week, so I can finish OPERATION YARD CLEAN-UP)
like my shadow? 

Helped BaileyHusband work with our calves, except I forgot that I was wearing my nearly new hot pink tennis shoes....oops! They have been initiated by the cows :( I so need a good pair of work boots.
I want work boots like Baileyhusband! 

Swept turkey poop off of my front porch....and off my back deck...those darn animals.....

Now I think that I am going to go watch the other 2 movies we rented and VEG out on the sofa for the rest of this lovely weekend!! *so tired*!

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