Thursday, October 25, 2012

Finding Home: Day 25 For the Birds

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Day 25

Today I thought I would discuss a different kind of home.....for other inhabitants at Irishman Acres.....

Besides our garden shed, this was the first structure we built on our little farm here.
circa 2008

And we have been quite happy with our little chicken shed....and it's enclosure to keep the hens safe from predators. 

And happy (and safe) hens, means lots of EGGS! And boy do we get lots of EGGS!

In all sizes....

 And colors.....

But, now that we have our barn....we have been unhappy with where our chicken coup is blocks the view of the barn....

We now have made plans to move things around...the coup and our garden are going to switch places....and we have plans to add some much needed upgrades to all things involved: the coup, the garden, the garden shed, and the barn!! Hopefully ol' Man Winter will stay away for quite some time while we get some things checked off our  to-do list at Irishman Acres!! And don't worry, my huge contribution to the projects will be "photographer and director". (Like any good wife would be! :)
Looking forward to the weekend!

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