Monday, April 2, 2012

Prom Night and Palm Sunday

Me and my beautiful daughter!
What an eventful weekend!

Saturday was Prom for our oldest daughter. Such a bitter-sweet time in our life! I take such pride in our family of 6 and thank God every day for allowing us to be together! This mother hen always feel my best when all my chicks are home in our nest. Now that one is getting ready to fly the coup (go away to college this fall) I have such mixed emotions! Can't wait to see what the future holds for her, but don't want our lives to change. I wish I could just STOP time and have our life stay just like this!!!

Emma's Prom date had a broken leg and was mostly wheelchair bound

After all the fun and emotions on Saturday, we spent Sunday on our to-do list around the farm. While BaileyHusband was busy re-siding and painting our house...I got busy on the lawn chores (mowing, raking, weeding, planting) with a little help from our 3 youngest! We like to rake up our grass clippings and give them to the chickens and cows. It is like CHOCOLATE to them!

Sunday was also Palm Sunday...and to commemorate that here at Irishman Acres, I planted our palm trees on our front porch. Doing that always brings such life to our porch, and makes it feel more home-y. I have a few more things to pot on our porch, and then I can call that done!!

So much to do before our big summer parties! This is definitely my favorite time of year!

Projects going inside and outside is keeping us on our toes, and our pocketbooks empty! I hope we aren't too over-our-heads....deadline is May 19th, our first party of the year. I have been in full party planning mode and can't wait to see it all done!

Love- Kim (Baileywife)

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