Friday, April 6, 2012

Party Planning 101

Happy FRIDAY!!!
With all this beautiful weather we are having, comes my wanna-be party planner/ designer/ stager self.
I've been trying to get inspired and creative for our first party of the year: our daughter's graduation party!
Since this is a first for us, I have no idea what to expect!? But I at least have a plan (somewhat) inspiration is this:

Can you see what I am going for? Denim, daisies, barnwood and burlap! A whole country girl THANG, y'all :)
CaNnOt WaIt for this shindig...and praying for great weather so we can have this on our back porch!
If we move this inside due to bad weather, my nerves will be shot, and my house will have to be totally re-staged...but I will have a plan for it just in case!

Love- Kim

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