Friday, April 27, 2012

April Happenings

Besides all the renovations around our home, and all the spring chores that need done around the farm...we do slip in some fun time. Here is a few pictures of what has been happening in our family life.....

Baby nephew Clint joined our precious! He joins big sister (who is one year old) Izzy. Love having my snuggle time with both of them!!!

Gunnar's spring concert...looking so handsome! He is such a ham (wonder where he gets that from?) He sang and danced his heart out. I hope he keeps that part of him forever.....

Sierra's track meet....she ROCKS those hurdles! Track is probably my favorite sport to watch, and I usually hurt my vocal cords during them!

Getting some air! This is her first year doing the long jump and I am quite impressed!

Wyatt taking a day in that catcher's gear!

Gunnar making that other team nervous...he got a BIG hit after this was taken!

Thee most gorgeous double rainbow appeared over our home.....and guess what?

The END OF THE RAINBOW was at IRISHMAN ACRES!!!! I always knew that we had the best golden view! It was spectacular to see it end right there in our field!

Wyatt working on a 4H craft project...this burlap pinboard will also be used at his sister's grad party we are throwing her. 

We have to document him making it for his project to prove to the judges that he made it himself! 
All this business is exhausting but the memories of it all are priceless! And I am there with my camera every step of the way!


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