Wednesday, April 18, 2012

In the Beginning...

...there was just chickens...miniature ones.
bringing them to their new home...April 2008

B. B. 

B. B. and Henry have become kind of our miniature farm mascots. Their spurs have gotten quite large....they take on the role of "Boss" very well.  B.B. will even flog you if he feels threatened. But he is still cute as a bug. We keep 2 lady friends for both of them...but they share each other's friends and we have gotten a mix of chicks throughout the last few years.
Miniature chickens lay miniature eggs...which are just the same as large eggs, only smaller :) It takes about 2 minis to equal one large....

Here is our first "coupe" built by BaileyHusband for our new farm (circa 2008):

Yep, just a glorified BUNNY CAGE....(haha)
Now we have an awesome chicken coupe and dozens of chickens...but B.B. and Henry will always be our first lil roosters and will forever be this newly made farmgirl's favorites!

Tomorrow I plan on showing our other "firsts" around Irishman Acres! Have a great day!

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