Saturday, March 31, 2012

My Favorites- Indoor Edition

With the rainy weather that finally came our brings me indoors to clean rearrange furniture and accessories (one of my all-time favorite things to do). Every time that I have time to deep clean, it turns into a huger (is that a word?) mess because I feel the need to change the room around! Hey, it's cheaper than therapy!
With windows open.... (favorite #1)....

I can enjoy the sounds and cool breezes.

I can get to re-arranging, I mean decorating, I mean cleaning...(hehehe). This piece of furniture has to stay put, it is too large and heavy, and makes a great focal point. It hides our TV and components. The huge drawer on bottom holds most of our DVD collection. I just love armoires (favorite #2), and have got quite the collection of them...

This one is for my computer and home office-y stuff

A handed down cupboard that is AWESOME storage

Inside, it holds all my party supplies
This sits in my Scrapbook room
I am a hoarder of all things sentimental...and therefore I gravitate towards furniture with a story (favorite #3), and often times homemade. (Thanks to BaileyHusband :)
RedWood Burl table. Purchased on trip to Colorado.
I always do things in 4s, so I will finish this post with my favorite #4 inside item.... BURLAP!

Have a great weekend!   


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