Friday, April 13, 2012

They're HERE

They are FINALLY HERE.....

one of the two piles
And soon they will be here......

and here.......

There is currently hardwood floors in this entry way and in our front room, but since it was laid 13 yrs ago, and not our favorite...we are doing the "un-thinkable" and tearing it out and replacing it!! This goes against everything I stand for, but I promise that we are donating it and it will be recycled. This will allow a seamless transition from the foyer into our Great Room.
But I CANNOT WAIT to remove our berber carpet...although it has been very kind to us and our very messy family....the germ-a-phob in me wants a more clean-able surface :)
After years of dreaming of this...months of talking about it....and weeks of shopping for it......we finally found what we were looking for in price, quality, and looks with this product:

Since the forecast is calling for rain...I have high hopes that BaileyHusband will get these down this weekend! Our deadline of getting our projects finished is quickly approaching!!! (First party is May 19th)
And there is still lighting to hang, new trim to be installed, etc. SO MUCH STRESS!!! (but the fun kind of stress! :)

Here is to a good prosperous weekend!  ~Kim

P.S. Please continue to pray for Little Landon. He is being such a brave, precious little guy!

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