Monday, April 16, 2012

My Living Room inspiration

Well, we did get our floors down this weekend (in the living room and hallway), but it's MORE of an undertaking than we had originally expected. Here is what the room looked like BARE:

It really does make our woodwork look even more plain and boring..can't wait to see what we come up with for the new trim. You see, BaileyHusband and I are kind of fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants designers. We get a crazy idea in our head of something new that we would like to do and it turns into a snowball effect. He always uses our master bedroom as an example. About 9 yrs ago, we were on a vacation in Florida. We stayed at a condo that had a KING SIZE BED. When we came home to our little Queen size mattress, the husband quickly decided we NEEDED a King. Little did he know that it meant a whole new furniture set, then we needed new bed linens (duh...:), which meant new window treatments, get the picture! So I knew our idea of a re-vamp of our living room would not be any different!

1. First came the beams
2. Now the floors

in progress....
3. Next will be the trim
4. New window treatments
5. Changing the lighting
6. Painting the ceiling fan
7. New Rug and Pillows :)
8. New stair banister and railing
9. I'm sure I will think of more.....

Already I feel like we are in a vacation home, doesn't feel like ours. Hard to believe the difference it makes with just new flooring! The house is still torn apart, all the leftover stuff is tucked into all the bedrooms and our entryway. Meanwhile, I have been gathering inspiration for what I want my living space to feel like.
Here are some images that I am drawn to:

Gerard Butler's movie room
Dennis Quaid's Living Room
Diane Keaton's Spanish Style Home 
Gerard Butler's Loft Living Room
I just want to move right in to Gerard's loft....don't even care if he stays too! :)
Wendy Bellissimo's current living room
Although I LOVED Wendy Bellissimo's living room in her home that is shown in her book "Nesting". One of my all-time favorite design books.

I am loving denim right now....
We are definitely keeping our existing furniture. So with our 2 large brown sofas and large "Antique Heirlooms" armoire...I think I might make burlap curtains similar to these:

And  hire  beg my mama to help me make denim pillows...and hunt down a seagrass rug for the summer feel I am after. I will cozy it up with faux fur and a large frieze rug for the colder months.

I will try to not have this be the ONLY thing I talk about for the next month....after all, I should be doing some other projects around here. JUSTSOEXCITEDICANTSTANDIT :)

If you got all the way down to the end of this rambling post, thanks!!

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Michele R. said...

This is the first entry I have read and I *love* it! It's so you! I completely admire you for putting yourself out there. And when I grow up...I wanna be like you! :-)

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