Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Little Landon

We have some dear friends that have been going through the un-imaginable, their 4 yr old son was just diagnosed with Stage 4 Neuroblastoma and starts aggressive chemotherapy tomorrow. Little Landon is a sweet little farm boy with so much spirit...we are praying constantly for his healing and strength for his parents and sisters! We have had the opportunity to get to know this family better because of our love of miniature herefords. They purchased 2 calves that we had bottle fed and raised here at Irishman Acres. And then recently our bull, Ken, "fathered" a calf of theirs. Landon promptly named their new calf "Hawkeye".

Landon and Hawkeye
My heart is heavy and my thoughts are consumed with Landon and his family. Last summer, at our annual 4th of July party, Landon's mother was thoughtful enough to be "photographer for the day" and took some amazing pics of our party. I wanted to share some awesome ones of little Landon....

Helping me do chores

Landon gathering eggs

Cooling anyone that walked by! :)
Giving some love to Jetta
Landon's mama, Suzanne (with the camera bag)
Suzanne got some great shots of our fireworks!

Little Landon
Dear God,
Please show your love and mercy on this family! Give them strength and hope to get through this with an unwavering faith in you....we know you are right there beside them holding their hands.....Amen

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Stephanie said...

Prayers are lovingly sent to Landon and his family as well as all his friends such as your family. Never forget that prayer has amazing power!

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