Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Grand Central Station

I don't know any mom that hasn't complained at one point or another of laundry, shoe/coat storage (or lack there-of) and yearning for that perfect MUDROOM. Although, my mudroom/ laundryroom is anything but perfect....it has made our lives so much easier. It all starts with the first room that most people see when they come into my home, you see, out here NO ONE uses your front door...no, lets walk through my messy garage and be greeted by the messiest room in our home...AWESOME first impression!

I now have a room that (when clean) I can not be so embarrassed when people walk through! I do have quite a bit of Longaberger baskets to my name because I used to be a consultant. So I allow myself this one room to use them all in. I like the look of them with all the other colors: barn red, tin, and white wood work.

This is a very small room to get so much stuff into, 8ft x12ft. And it needs to house all of the following:
*Multiple family member's hat collections
*Mud boots
*School bags and jackets
*Winter hats/mittens/ scarves/ etc.
*Dirty clothes baskets
*Cleaning supplies
*Bulletin board of schedules and activities

Oh...and the washer and dryer....:)

My favorite part of this room, besides all the natural light it has, is the wall of StrongBarn tin. We have the opportunity to salvage material from farms and barns when they are being demolished....we re-use and recycle things as much as possible. Most of our out-buildings have been made from recycled material of old barns.

Now if only this room stayed this clean every day........
Better go put all the stuff back that I took out of the room to make it look good for pictures...
~Always the truthful~ Kim


Anonymous said...

Love all your baskets!!!

Shaunna said...

I think it looks wonderful! And that's a GREAT red--looks great popping off of all that white!

This is "What I NEVER knew that I ALWAYS wanted"

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