Thursday, April 5, 2012

Our calves

I have been hard at work getting our new calves registered with the American Hereford Assoc. We are getting their ears tagged this weekend (poor babies). I had the fun of trying to get pictures yesterday of the shy little gals. This is the best I got....

I also got a good shot of my sweet Carly Jo, she was letting her sister babysit for her while she tried visiting her boyfriend.....

But he is being kept away for now...Ken, we have a love/ hate relationship: I love him, he hates me!

I know he needs a good bath, hopefully soon Baileyhusband can get that done. (without my help!)
I sure do love my miniature herefords, it will be hard to sell those sweet little babies, but I know we only have 10 acres here at Irishman Acres, and we need to make room for next years' babies!
I recently found a blog and bought her first cookbook. She is soooo much like me in being a reluctant country gal, everything still being new after 13 years here. And loving EVERY minute of it!!


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