Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Sleepless Nights

Well, for now, I am currently unemployed. I had been working 3 days a week for a company for over 5 years!
I wasn't willing to work 5 days a week, they weren't willing to keep me around anymore! That is one sacrifice that I could not make for my job.  Having 4 children is expensive, but knowing that they need me home when they are home is very important to me. I think working Mamas have such a hard time dealing with all the stress of the job and the day to day struggles of home-life. I had a some-what good balance of getting both worlds.

I really do like "staying home"...although this week has been me running tons of errands, I am looking forward to getting some projects done here at home.

Which leads me to one of the parts of parenting and being a busy woman that I hate:
My brain does not have a shut off valve...this is how it works for me as soon as my head hits the pillow:
 I need to get these sheets washed...has my nephew fallen in love with his girlfriend?...remember to sign the field trip order many invites should I send for graduation party?....I need to get that fabric for my mom....when are our new floors coming, can't wait to see them.....I need to go to grocery store tomorrow, remember milk..milk, milk, milk...if I think it enough, I will remember....oh, and more bananas....maybe I should just get up and make a grocery list....exercise is hard to fit in to each day, how do others do it? I ever gonna get time to finish those scrapbooks?....oh, forgot to dry the load in the washer, remember to do that first thing in the a.m.....I wonder how Allyson is doing....I miss my Daddy....boy, I wish I could just fall asleep like Baileyhusband...he looks so peaceful.....the bathrooms need cleaned.....I should go on that blog and finish watching the tutorials on how to re-paint furniture....wish it would rain....I should probably mow again before the grass gets too long.....( and this goes on for hours!!!!)

Anyways.....another thing I am always thinking about are our dining room chairs. (I need to get something checked off my to-do list! We have the same matched set forever now. I have been on the lookout for something like this:
via Pinterest

I like the look of an unmatched set...I am in favor of keeping our table and chairs, and maybe just getting 2 new "captain chairs" for the ends:
 Better get back to my list making and grocery shopping....and cow registering.....and craigslist advertising...and kitchen dishes....and switching the laundry.... and picking up my fixed bike from the shop....and watering my new plantings....and getting some exercise in before my kiddos get home!!
Have a great rest of week, and restful nights!!! Kim

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