Thursday, April 19, 2012

Then came Carly

Picture Perfect Carly Jo
 Carly was born on 3/18/08 and came to live at Irishman Acres a month later. We got to bottle feed her 2-3 times daily for the next several months...which made her so dependent on us and made us fall madly in love with her!
Bottle fed and so sweet

Wyatt and "his calf" that he named Carly
My favorite
At the State Fair!
THE most beautiful creature....
Since then, we have been like a nursery to many other bottle-fed calves...but no other calf has stole our hearts like Carly. People think I'm crazy, but she has such a sweet soul and is like a puppy. I swear she knows her name and loves to cuddle still just like when she was a "baby". She will wrap her neck around your leg as if she is giving you a hug and LOVES to be rubbed and scratched.

I have told BaileyHusband that he will HAVE TO dig a very large grave when her time has come...she has brought so much joy to this BaileyFamily and made me realize that I LOVE COWS!!!!  :) Especially ones named CARLY. 



My Little Corner said...

My husband works on a large ranch here in Colorado. I love to go up with him and see all the babies. The Texas Long Horn babies are my favorite with there little freckly bodies in colors of reds, browns and blacks. Little nubby horns on their heads. They are so playful and full of the freshness of life!

BaileyWife said... live in Colorado??!! That is my dream state. I was working on my post for tomorrow and included Colorado. And yes, babies are so sweet and precious. I am going to go check out your blog now.....:)

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