Monday, April 23, 2012

Iron Railing

I knew that once we started this reno that it would be a snowball!! And I knew in my head that we were getting new railing and banister for our stairs...but, ugh! I truly think this is going to be the most costly part of the whole room. I have been doing my research, like any good helper/wife would do. While BaileyHusband is slaving away...I was on the laptop showing him pictures of "my vision". Oh, and keeping my shop-vac working double time to keep the dust and debris from creeping into every other part of our home.

I am going to a company that does custom railings today for a quote and will be taking my pictures and measurements with me. I HOPE they can do this within our budget and in a timely manner...otherwise my home will stay UNFINISHED and my kids will be falling down the stairs for the next few months. In hindsite we should have waiting on ripping down the old bannister until we had the new ones...but that wouldn't be the way we do things around here....we decorate as we go. But I will tell you that all the work that was done this weekend is so beautiful and my home is looking more and more like US every day.
I will show "Before and After" pics as soon as it is all stay tuned! :)

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