Monday, April 9, 2012

Catch and Release

Since we had celebrated Easter earlier in the season with my extended family, we spent the actual holiday doing much needed farm chores (go figure)! After doing a clean-up of cow-lots, we decided that we need to get REAL about training our 4H calves. We purchased Crimson and Clover this past fall and I have been so impressed with my daughter, Sierra on her interest and attention she has given these very wild creatures!! When we brought them home to Irishman Acres, they had never been touched by humans. We are proud to say that you can now pet time to "train them for bath-time".

BaileyHusband walking Crimson

Sierra walking Clover
Being that they had never had a bath or even been properly was amazing how the process of watering them down (with cold hose water) and soaping them up actually was....but this was the calm BEFORE the storm.....

After they were properly dear BaileyHusband advised Sierra to untie Clover and take her to another tree to dry. With no gloves on and a very wet rope, poor Sierra held on to that wild monkey for as long as she could...and sadly I have no pictures of all the fun that followed...I had to discard of my camera to help chase down the heifer and then later the same thing happened with Crimson, yep, we didn't learn the first time and had a re-enactment with the second one!
Mistake #1:  Taking them out of their pen
Mistake #2: NOT wearing gloves
Mistake #3: Ever trusting a cow

It did take a little cooling off of BaileyHusband, but now we are laughing about it and how naive and dumb these wanna-be farmers can be!! :) We have so much to learn!

While I did have my camera out, I took some pics of my grandmother's lilacs that (after 13 yrs on this farm) are finally blooming that they should!

I can just smell them looking at these pics...I love this scent!! Nothing compares to the REAL scent of lilac, candles and sprays that try to replicate this are too perfume-y. I just wish they would bloom all summer long!

Hope everyone else had as much fun on Easter as we did!
Love- Kim

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