Friday, July 27, 2012

Just for FUN: my sister's mantel and Quote of the Week

While I was visiting my sister one day this summer, I decided to help her do a mini makeover on her mantel.
And before anyone boos and hisses about my pics, I apologize.....poor lighting and horrible photography skills on a camera phone are not a good combo!!

My sister already had a good look, but she has also had this "good look" since she moved in over 3 yrs ago.
Time for a little change.

This is the "Before"
So I asked her where her favorite place was to travel , even though she is my sister and I kinda already knew. But I wanted this to be HER idea and inspiration, not mine! 
And, of course, she quickly piped up.... F L O R I D A.
Remembering Layla Palmer's cute summer mantel from The Lettered Cottage

I thought "WE can do you have any driftwood?"
And my sister found me THE. MOST. PERFECT. PIECE.
So, along with a stick from the yard, and the state of Florida map from an old atlas:


With a little helper named Cookie: 

I also "shopped" her home for other items that were either from Florida (sand and shells), or looked like it belonged there (palm tree). And the sign that hung in my nephew's room:

"Happiness is a journey, not a destination"

This was a fun little journey my sister and I took together, its nice to see what a quick little change can do to a room and the mood it sets!

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Allyson said...

Super cute Idea! Turned out very pretty! Very creative! To much talent in one person is just not fair lol, you could share the wealth ya know!

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