Monday, July 2, 2012

And the Adventure continues.....

Well, the week started out on an adventurous note and ended on a equally adventurous one! It has been REALLY hot here in the midwest this past week or so. The 4H calves have had to be watered down on a daily basis, and with Sierra being on vacation, it was up to BaileyHusband and myself to get the job done!
All sounds simple....until someone got the brilliant idea to tie them up OUTSIDE the barnyard to enjoy some fresh grass (and trees) to eat.

Crimson was a REALLY good boy.....and even layed down in the shade to enjoy the view of the peacock enclosure.

Clover, was doing really well, until the brilliant person in charge of this chore decided to go inside and trust two adolescent beefs to enjoy their hiatus from the barn.

Where was I? I had just finished mowing and was in the shower....stepping out of my bathroom, I happened to look out of the window....and saw this.......

Yep, that is Clover, cruisin around our backyard....she visited our playground, then volleyball court, she enjoyed saying "Hi" to our peacocks and chickens too!

Wrangling up Baileyhusband, we ran outside to wrangle up Clover....hoping and praying she was trained enough to come to us or let us walk up to her....

We did have to walk slowly chase her back and forth around the yard for awhile...but BAILEYWIFE to the rescue! That's right: me, myself, and I wrangled up this mean beast...and she rewarded me with drooling kisses :)
The poor girl must have gotten tangled around the tree, panicked, and broke free by breaking her halter. She cut her mouth in the process, and did THIS to our tree:

We got our renegate and her brother back into the and sound. Baileyhusband got a dunce hat....and myself??? Did I mention that I had just stepped OUT OF THE SHOWER?? I was chasing a cow around our backyard in nothing but a small. white. towel......ahhhh, the perks of living in the country! :)

I am thrilled to announce that my daughters are BACK FROM VACATION with their grandma and Sierra is now back in charge of her cows!!! Although, it gave us fun stories to tell....... Crimson and Clover are happy too!!!

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