Monday, July 23, 2012

Dear Mother Nature

Dear Mother Nature,

          PLEASE SEND RAIN!!! Crunch, crunch, crunch is all you can hear while walking outside these days. And this awful noise is so bad that you can barely hear my peacocks hollering. And even worse, you cannot really walk around barefoot!

Water is a hot commodity these days....To keep our animals cooled, we have water stations throughout the farm.

Besides watering our animals, it has been very essential to keep all landscaping and gardens watered daily.
Especially the ones that are not quite ripe to the picking....or in there prime season yet.

I pray daily that the farmers aren't too devastated by this drought.....

It would be too expensive and a little selfish on our part to water our lawn. It has become a desolate place. And after caring so much for it in the spring..this is very sad to see.

So for now, the mowers are parked and the weed wackers aren't wacking.....and we are spending our time hauling water to everything that has a pulse or is thirsty. And this poor flower looks a little dry, don't ya think? I water it daily....but it just is not handling the heat. IT NEEDS YOUR HELP!

The only thing that makes me feel better is that everyone else's yard around here is just as UGLY! :)
I wonder what this means for the kind of winter we will have? Mother Nature, please be kind to us!!!

At your mercy,


Anonymous said...

Locked indoors and hating it as I am an outdoors person too without the animals! Dogs and cat are the only animals we have to keep cool and this is hard enough right now! Can't even imagine cooling down livestock! Pray daily for rain for the earth and everyone needs relief from the heat. The crops look pretty on the outside but am sure there is no corn forming on the ears. Sad time in the Midwest! Lord bring us some relief please, and soon!

Anonymous said...

Wishing and praying for some much needed relief! I'm thinking it's probably not a good sign when it's so hot the birds are too sweaty to chirp....It's so bad when even I wish for snow in July just for the moisture! In Iowa that's the last thing I ever thought I would complain about, not having snow!


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