Thursday, July 5, 2012

Weekly Quote 2.....and computer complaints!

i am attempting to write this post from my smartphone....

Scratch that, I finally stole my daughter's laptop. You should have seen this technically challenged lady trying to type this post with her phone!!! For one, it is IMPOSSIBLE! There is no way to use "quotes", Exclaimation! Points!, or any other symbols I use often!@&~-( ). Just. Would. Not. Let. Me. on blogger.

The ONLY thing I dislike about living in the country is the internet access...there are not very many options. At first, years ago, I was dial-up (eeewww), then we got the latest and "greatest" (not) satelite system. And every time it was cloudy, windy, rainy, or even breezy in the week prior, it WOULD NOT WORK!! I now have to be "wireless" to be "on-line" with a "jet-pack" "mi-fi" thingy. My problem with this? My home computer is not "wireless capable". So, I have to get an adapter??? UGH! Evidently my computer was born and raised in the city and needs to adapt to country life like I did!

I have so many pictures and blog posts in my drafts folder that I cannot finish until I get my home computer "adapted". But that is OK, because today is Quote of the Week.....

         ~Live by the SUN....Love by the MOON~

So, OK, it's not really a quote, and this is a picture from our cruise to the Bahamas we took in January, but I am dealing with a LAPTOP of my daughter's so my available pictures are limited....I just hope to get this computer problem fixed SOON!!! But, in the meantime, it is nice to be able to sit on my deck, sharing coffee time with my cows, chickens, peacocks, cats, guineas, donkey, and dog while I blog!!!

Hope everyone had a GREAT and SAFE 4th of July yesterday...we did a lot of farm chores, hope to share posts and pics soon of all the things we've been doing around here. Our BIG party is this Saturday, so we will officially celebrate the holiday then.

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Bee Haven Bev said...

Just stopped by for a chat.... wishing you a wonderful party tomorrow!! Have a blast!

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