Friday, July 13, 2012

Spa Day at the Farm

We have had a record breaking heat spell in Iowa for the past couple weeks, and everyone here is affected by it. We are watering our flowers twice daily, and watering our animals 3-4 times daily with fresh, cold water. Our cows have an automatic waterer, which is great. And Sierra has continued to bath her 4H calves daily, they are more than happy to get watered down in this heat.

The curious stares from our other cattle, our miniature herefords, was too much to take, and we thought they would enjoy a nice bath too.....

First up....Miss Claire-A-Belle....She has always been such a curious little thing, and has gotten quite DIRTY!

Claire-A-Belle got the whole beauty treatment: her hooves washed, her tail trimmed and combed out, and her white face and legs were given a little extra shampoo! Oh, she is going to look so good just in time for breeding season! But I really don't think Ken cares either way! :)

Such a pretty, clean girl now! And as she walked off to go show Ken her new look, she turned around and thanked us one last time:

Next up......Miss Carly Jo:

Giving some love to Daddy....this little girl is such a snuggler and a little diva, she was definately more than happy to get herself all prettified and cooled down for the day. And we were happy to learn that after more than 2 yrs of not being haltered, they were easily led around!

These are always my favorite kind of days around the farm....We give so much love to these animals, and its fun when they show some love back!

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