Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Future Fun Project

See this gorgeous new piece of furniture we have?

Well it didn't start out that way......

I was fortunate enough to acquire a whole garage full of discarded furniture from a remodeled hotel. Although I bet this chair WAS beautiful in it's day, it was in serious need of an update!

There are two matching ones. They actually were still in great shape, very sturdy. So I started out by taking the seats off.....

then I painted them one at a time.
And recovered them in some zebra fabric I had used as a photoshoot backdrop for my daughter once.

I think they turned out quite cool looking, a far cry from their 80's look they had going on!
And for the cost of paint....these 2 chairs cost me a total of $12.00.
I think that is money well spent!

FYI- these are going to be used in my daughter's future dorm room! Yes, I think the ONLY reason that I am excited about her moving away is to be involved in designing a GIRLS DORM ROOM!!!
You should see all the fun and bling that is happening in our "prepping and staging area" of my basement right now! My daughter and her best friend are having fun shopping and making things for their new space.....(and so is this really sappy, excited, nervous Mama)


Nicole :) said...

I LOVE this idea! What a great update, so thrifty ;)

Cory and Stephanie said...

Very jealous of Emma's chairs... so cute!!

This is "What I NEVER knew that I ALWAYS wanted"

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