Friday, June 15, 2012

4H Projects and NOT being BORED!

Being a mama of 4 very active children, our calendar during the school year seems to fill up rather quickly! Summertime (after baseball season gets over), is our time to slow things down.....which translates into:


 Actually, there is always something that needs done, fixed, watered, cleaned, walked, fed, pulled (weeds), but the kids like something a little more "fun" for them to do. That is why I love 4H. Currently, our middle 2 children are in a local 4 H Club. And their County Fair is coming up next month. We are now working on their projects that they are taking to the fair for JUDGING. Being that this is Wyatt's first year in 4H, he has so many things he wants to make...just like his daddy....but we are trying to tone things down this first time so he knows what to expect.

Sierra putting first coat of paint on her first project. This turned out so cool! 

Wyatt making a burlap message board....we used this at 

My mother's day gift from Wyatt...this is a garden globe that he made using a bowling ball.

They have 3 done, along with the long essay-type goal sheets that they type up with each project. And still at  least 3-5 more to finish. I will show all the final results when they are complete.....
until then, Sierra has been hard at work with her 4H calves....

Working with Clover.....seeing this makes this mama CUTE!

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