Monday, June 11, 2012


Although I am not what you would say a workout be honest, I can't stand to even utter the word.  I have tried the different workout tapes, bought into a lot of the "latest trends" in workout gear. But really, I am only happy OUTSIDE. We are a fairly active family. Either riding our bikes, going for walks, or dare I say it, jogs? We are lucky enough to live close to one of the most beautiful bike trail systems. This trail used to be a train track and after several years of not being used by trains, and a couple years before we built our home out here, they turned it into a bike trail. It runs through an ever-changing forest of trees, wildflowers, a creek, and rolling hills that look like foothills in the mountains!

Sadly, a couple summers ago, we had a flood that damaged this trail. The creek raised considerably within such a short time and loosened the ground all around parts of it and the damage was extensive.

This gaping hole is about 20 feet deep and about 20 feet wide, very dangerous to see what mother nature can do. My father-in-law was on this trail, trying to get to his brother's house that was in the flood area. He was on his little 4-wheeler (which IS frowned upon on a bike trail, but we'll forget I told you:) and saw this hole almost too late....he ran his machine into a tree to stop himself from going into the hole, and if you saw this in person you would agree that he is lucky to be alive. 

Thank goodness for cell-phones! He called for help....(BaileyHusband)....who quickly put up barriers to stop anyone else from getting hurt and notified the conservation office. (Bailey-Father-in-Law was not seriously hurt)

That summer was a big one for floods and tornadoes in the Midwest.  So the repair on this trail system was put on hold as it wasn't a priority. 

The workers have now arrived!!! And although no progress has been made directly by our house, they are working on hole at a time.....and we have been told that there is an August deadline to complete this project. 

We cannot wait to get back out there with our bikes...... and occasionally our running shoes!

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