Monday, June 25, 2012

The Adventures of Cow-Sitting

While my daughters are away on vacation with Grandma for a week, guess who is in charge of taking care of Sierra's 4H cows?? Yep, this girl!
Well, I missed Sierra this day in particular. BaileyHusband informed me that the vet was coming to give a checkup on our black cows....since they will be going to the County Fair soon, they have to be in tip-top shape....this song keeps ringing through my head.... (in the tune of Goin to the Chapel)
"Goin to the Fairgrounds and We Have to be HEALTHY. "
Sorry, I think I need a nap today! Or the heat is getting to me!

 Since a vet was coming, I had to get them out into the keep them (and the vet) safe during their exam. AND THAT MEANS THAT I HAD TO LOCK UP OUR BULL, KEN. He is not the most endearing of farm characters we have here at Irishman fact, he is NOT a people person AT ALL.

While I was on the backside of the barn, Ken had walked himself right into the front side....I quickly called BaileyHusband and told him my plan, and that if he called me back in 5 min and I didn't answer, he needed to call 911 because I had been flattened by a miniature furry beast...
My plan:
to jump the fence
run around the front side of the barn
close the barn door QUICKLY
not be seen or trampled on

And it almost worked....until the barn door wouldn't shut and then Ken saw me and huffed toward me.....I put all my weight against the door hoping my 125 (ish) lbs could hold back his 800ish lbs....and then the vet came strolling up like a knight in shining armor! And this is what I said, "HURRY, HURRY....I have a mean Bull behind these doors and I cant get this blessed (I won't lie, I may have used a bad word here) door shut!" Thank goodness he had a good sense of humor.

Long story short....we got the cows checked, and warts removed....yes, I said "WARTS REMOVED"!!

Poor Crimson, he had a lot of them on his left ear. I didn't know it would be so heartbreaking to watch such a thing with no pain meds :(
I had to reward his good behavior with a quick bath and fly spray....and didn't even tie him up inside the barn for the rest of the day....this big guy deserves some time to roam free! (and I really didn't feel like getting kicked by this 1200ish lb beast because he was ONE MAD STEER after the vet left...can't blame him!)

Well, this was my adventure of DAY 1 of not having Sierra...hope tomorrow is less adventurous and exhausting.....

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Beverly said...

Yikes! You certainly had your hands full!! I think I will stick to mini sized critters....much easier to move around and contain!! Thanks so much for stopping by Bee Haven Acres!! Sounds like we have an awful lot in common.

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