Wednesday, June 20, 2012

I have a secret.....

Well, I guess it won't be a secret anymore......(I am a closet hoarder!)
To be honest, I LOVE TO ORGANIZE!! But, you would never know it by looking into our closets and cupboards! Now, since this is the year 2012 and I vowed to "SIMPLIFY" our life and our are
the steps that I am taking to ORGANIZE our life.

1. Find out that closets REALLY do have floors!

BEFORE: our front coat closet, yes, this is REALLY what it looked like!

AFTER: just for coats and vacuums, moved all unnecessary items to other parts of the house

Now, for step two of my closet transformations......and this one was actually started years ago, but with 4 children and a busy lifestyle, somehow this got disheveled and when we really need to find that bottle of meds or poison ivy turned into a scavenger hunt!!!

2. Label and Organize EVERYTHING

No need for fancy bins or baskets here, just clear totes in different sizes- and labeled for easy and fast finds for the kids and sleepy parents in middle of the night (or when someone is hurt!)

My bins are labeled as:
-Tummy Care
-Vicks Vapor and Thermometers
-Hair Care
-Skin Care
-Cold/Flu, Pain Relief
-First Aid
-Hair Style

On the top shelf:
-Twin Sheets
-King/Full Sheets

I'm sure other families will have different needs and ideas for their hall closet...and ours will probably change throughout the years....but this is what is needed and works for us right now.

Children's dosing instructions displayed inside the closet door.

 2 closets down.....about 10 to go! :)

I have been wanting to show our mantel in our downstairs family room, but have not had the time to take the pictures needed to blog about it....I hope to get those taken this week sometime.....
with the cRaZY bUsY LiFe
we have been living lately, I only get the dishes washed about every few days......
Going to college orientation today.....wish us luck!


Beverly said...

OMG, we have even more in common!!! Scary!

BaileyWife said...

Beverly, we we meant to e-find each other!:) Thanks for coming over:)

Anonymous said...

Again as I have said many time's before....when we get "Our" place you WILL be coming over to help me get organized! I'm okay at it but this is beyond my capabilities! Looks awesome!


BaileyWife said...

I am THERE and looking forward to it! Can't wait for that day!!

Megan said...

I love to organize too! Thanks for linking up!

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