Monday, June 4, 2012

Creating Curb Appeal

I admit it...I get a little opinionated when it comes to the subject of curb appeal. I understand that some don't have the passion for design, the money, the time, or some just don't even care.... My children are always hearing me say that it is like hurting the environment, making visual pollution, as well as showing a disservice to your home, to NOT give your home the love it needs and make it feel pretty from the outside. 

Our rusty old windmill that I just can't seem to replace! Even though my parents bought me a new one!
 One of my favorite magazine's website, Better Homes & Gardens, has articles devoted to this...and I love seeing all the amazing transformations that homes go through with just adding some CURB APPEAL!
Here are some of their helpful hints for doing just that:

Create symmetry

Replace old hardware

Dress up front door

Install outdoor lighting

Create Instant Garden with Containers: the best, fastest, cheapest, and easiest way to add curb appeal. And the look can change from year to year or season to season!

Re-new planter beds (or add new ones): de-weed, mulch, add rock or decorative edging

Install window boxes: Just be sure that they are water proof if you are to have them directly on your siding.

Add outdoor art: birdbath, fountain, wind chimes- anything that compliments your home and style

This is our water fountain, simple yet effective!

Add shutters or freshen up your trim

Build a walk-way or path: something to add interest or whimsy.

 Here are some of my ways that I boosted curb appeal this year at our home:

I built this plant hanger, yes, by myself!! Just by using a leftover post/beam. I stained it to match our front porch posts, purchased the metal plant hangers and black post topper at our local garden center. I made sure to secure the post deep in the ground (about 2 ft). 

I absolutely love the height it gives to this corner of our landscape....I will probably change the look with each season.

I re-painted some chairs that desperately needed a makeover.

And for the other half of our front yard, my little perennial garden, I rearranged some of our flowers, and added some whimsy with that old tin tub. This little garden changes with each season. This is my favorite with everything just beginning to bloom. I will show more pictures of this area on another post.

Whenever I am driving around neighborhoods and see a home that is need of some Curb Appeal TLC, I silently plan what I would do to it to make it feel pretty again.....
(is there a therapy group for people like me?)
I'll just stick to my own home for now.....or anyone who asks for my opinion or help.....:)

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