Tuesday, June 19, 2012


I love supporting local farmers and small businesses!

Oh my goodness!!! I wanted to share a recipe that my daughter and I stumbled upon at the grocery store recently....You know those samples that you get to taste at the end of the isles? Well, there were 2 lovely ladies sampling this HOMEMADE WHIPPED CREAM, and even though we had just ate dinner, we couldn't help ourselves.

They had 2 flavors to choose from: Vanilla and Almond......unfortunately we both decided on the Almond. So we don't know how the Vanilla tasted. Along their display were the most juicy looking strawberries and angel food cake....YUM!

After our little tasting, we asked how to make it, and here is their recipe:

They package in old fashioned glass bottles that you can either keep, which I WILL, or bring them back to the store for a deposit back....what a sweet and clever idea! Now we just need one of those milk crates to sit on our front porch and have the milk-man deliver and pick them up! 

Here are the items we used...notice the "chilled" mixing bowl.

Had to get BaileyHusband in on the mixing...since I am not that handy of a gal in the kitchen, my efforts were making it look like pancake batter!

I am disappointed in myself for not taking pictures at the grocery store of what the Whipping Cream is supposed to look like.....and I hope it is not a disservice to SHEEDER DAIRY that I am showing you all this...but here is our final result:

It still did not have the consistency that the sample ladies had in their display. I hope to get more practice in!! Ours seems to look like frosting...but seriously, it tastes just as good.
We put almond extract in ours, but plan on using vanilla next time.
Gunny hollowed out a strawberry and filled it with the cream... GENIUS!:)

Sheeder Dairy also sells skim, 2%, and whole milk...which I plan on trying out. But I definitely will be a regular buyer of this cream.....tasted amazing in our morning coffee!!!



thompson said...

this sounds incredibliy delicious...might have to make this over the weekend...yum!
i loved reading your about me section--so nice seeing people & families love there life!

BaileyWife said...

Ah...thanks Ali. I'm a sappy girl! And I highly recommend this recipe! Thanks for stopping by!

Michele R. said...

Which store sells this? You make me wanna try it! Do you think an electric beater would work well? That's probably what I would do....and would need to figure out how many WW pts it's worth. Haha!

BaileyWife said...

This was found at Hy-Vee..but I am anxious to see who else carries it. And yes, an electric beater WOULD be easier...but I'm an old-fashioned kind of gal...and besides, I like to see my man work his muscles:)

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