Thursday, January 17, 2013

The Tile Shop

When you begin a makeover at our starts out as a negotiation over coffee. 
We list our wants vs. needs....and what we can actually afford!

And then several trips to different stores, sometimes dragging uninterested children, and hopefully sometimes calling it a "date" with just your spouse!!

After several of these trips, we ended up at The Tile Shop....where INSPIRATION ABOUNDS!!

Ok, so these two bathtubs are not really the look we have....but could not help taking pics of these bad boys! FYI: the tub pictured above is all stone and is about $10,000.  

I have had a BOARD on my Pinterest page called: Rustic Bath ...and have secretly been dreaming of this makeover for awhile now....but didn't think it was in our cards. Here are a few of my favorites:

LOVE the old wood and stone

Add a tin water bucket....PERFECTION!

We narrowed down that we liked the look of slate for our flooring....and found plenty of options:

And look at this bathroom display the different tiles used.

Our budget was a major factor...and after weighing our options, decided that the flooring is where we wanted to spend the majority of our budget. Most of the other elements we already have or are hand making on our own. Besides, the room is extemely small, and we only needed 40 sq ft of slate. 

So which one did we get?? Stay tuned to find out!
(it's being laid as we speak:)

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