Wednesday, January 30, 2013


As promised, but a little is our completed bathroom that I showed you a couple weeks ago:
 Just a Shower Curtain . Though it only actually took a couple weeks to install (weekends only), being the very impatient person that I am, it seemed like an eternity. I will show you on another day how much this renovation actually much less than you might think! (thanks to a very skilled and good looking contractor)
I will start with the flooring choice....After many trips trying to find EXACTLY what we wanted, we chose the brick slate:

It is so warm...feels like we installed radiant heat flooring, but WE DIDN'T! Who knew slate could feel warm??
We fell in love with the brick pattern, definitely a statement piece. And worth it's price! 

Now for the "PIECE DE RESISTANCE".....

I talked Baileyhusband my contractor into installing yet another wall of recycled barn tin 
like we did in our laundry room. Only, I really wanted rusty older looking tin....and am so happy with the look it provided for this shower. 


I did not want the camo to overpower this room, so I cut the shower curtain in half and installed it window-curtain-style. By switching the cut ends to the outside, they are hidden and became a NO-SEW project! But for those "perfectionists", I recommend just sewing the new ends....maybe someday I will....(probably not:)

I played around with the wall behind the door, some eye candy for the wee ones....most of these items were Christmas gifts for the boys, Wyatt and Gunnar. They had seen the turkey and moose pictures at Bass Pro when we were there visiting Santa, and fell in love with them....being that they went with the outdoor theme and camo shower curtain that I was already surprising them with....we sneakily purchased them without the boys seeing!

For the mirror, it was a no-brainer....we used some leftover wood from our home renovation projects and made our own frame....and when I say WE....I mean Baileyhusband my contractor.


We kept the same vanity...just made new drawer fronts, and purchased new pulls.

I think the white and wood combo is perfect while keeping this room from being too dark...
and goes with the new trim beautifully.

We kept the same light fixture, just spray painted it and changed the lights....Baileyhusband my contractor was quite pleased with himself for finding these, the picture is bad, but if you look closely, there is a leaf pattern on them.

 The walls are painted a kind of khaki, greyish color called "Family Tree". Which makes this formerly bright yellow room a little more moody. warmer. cozy. inviting. (should a bathroom BE inviting? I think so!!)

The faucet was the first thing we purchased, and looks like a water pump; perfect style, perfect color, perfectly US! The countertops are also new....I REALLY wanted concrete or black honed granite....but finally decided on this Quartz instead. Price (and being impatient) trumped everything else. But I really like it and it's still in keeping with our scheme.

And for one last look at what this room looked like before:

And after:





YEAH!!! It's done, over, finished! Now the men- of -the -house have a room that is perfectly THEM, and also one that the lady- of -the -house is not embarrassed for our guests to use! 

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thistlewoodfarm said...


You had me at the floor! You are AMAZING! Thanks so much for sharing and I love the tin behind the shower! Job well done.

I think I'm posting about mine next week (fingers crossed)!


BaileyWife said...

YEAH! Can't wait to see yours!

Michele R. said...

Love it!! SOME day...I'm going to hire you to come redecorate our house! :)

BaileyWife said...

and I will be happy to help!!! Maybe just hang an iron piece here or there?? :)

Anonymous said...

Love this bathroom and all of your color and texture choices too, Great artwork by the way... that big turkey print is so unexpected and made me smile. :)

BaileyWife said...

Thanks Diane! YOUR comment made ME smile!

The Nester said...


also, the camo? my boys would LOVE that, and the wood? the tin? I die...

Linda @ it all started with paint said...

it all started with a shower curtain! Love all the personalized and rustic touches! Camo never looked so good!

:) Linda

Anonymous said...

what is the paint color?

BaileyWife said...

It's called Family Tree from Dutch Boy....and we love it! ~Kim

Rhoni Tomlinson said...

Minus the money and Palm tree I have the same yellow bathroom. Love the tin, and cabinet fronts and the floor tile, oh I really love it ALL!!

Rhoni Tomlinson said...

I wrote monkey, twice. What kind of wood did you use on the cabinet & drawer fronts?

Painted Prairie said...

My husband won't let me use it in our bathroom , he thinks it will trap moisture behind it. :/ Any experiences with that?

Painted Prairie said...

My husband won't let me use it in our bathroom , he thinks it will trap moisture behind it. :/ Any experiences with that?

greta lundborg said...

Hi. I would like to use old tin (from my old roof!) to line my wet room. Did you treat your tin with anything to help it cope with the moisture and to bring the colours out? Some sort of lacquer perhaps?

I would also like to use it to build at least one wall if not all of my workshop/toolshed under my old queenslander. Any suggestions???

Thanks, Greta

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