Sunday, January 6, 2013

Homemade Christmas gifts

I love everything homemade, handcrafted, repurposed, reimagined....
And Christmas time is the perfect time for that!

I made these letters for my sister-in-law. We have this tradition of giving "Homemade" gifts with Baileyhusband's side of the family. And while it has been challenging in some years, this year I knew that I wanted to give letters.  These are a different take on the letters that I posted about {here.} This is their last name...and I used all found material (bark, moss, pinecones, and branches).

 But of course, being that Baileyhusband is much more talented and gifted with tools and can make just about ANYTHING....he had to show me up! Here is the table that he made for last year's gift, but it needed to cure (or dry out) for a wee bit longer than we his sister received it this year. And sadly, I forgot to take a picture of it actually finished! UGH!!!!

Everyone on Baileyhusband's side is very talented, and the gifts are coveted by all!
There are homemade quilts, benches made of birch, woodburned signs and pictures, mirrors, chalkboards, lamps...believe me...I love them all!!!!

And this year's gift the ever-so-talented man of mine made a beautiful (reclaimed wood) it is unstained:

And the table all finished, with the sweetest little Izzy (our niece) underneath!

Believe me, I want to keep everything he makes!! That husband of mine is quite talented!! And because I'm such a good wife, and he loves me....he made me some homemade gifts this year.....

A barn-board frame for our family picture we had taken this past summer. 
This was one of 3 frames he made me. Such a sweet fella......but I secretly think he was just tired of hearing me complain that I needed frames.

Whatever the reason....this BaileyWife was happy on Christmas morning!

Now we I have been coming up with plans already for next year. I have asked my sisters if we could do a homemade Christmas too....much less costly, and MORE meaningful!  

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Holly Browning said...

That tree stump table is awesome. I would love one of those. Handmade gifts are way more meaningful. Those are the gifts we remember. Great tradition.

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