Friday, January 25, 2013

the bathroom gallery wall

Boy, I know for such a small room, this little makeover is taking FOREVER!!!
And although I am NOT a patient gal, I suppose I tried! 

Poor Baileyhusband....paint was hardly dry and I was a-hangin-machine...
could not wait to get some artwork up on those walls and see my "vision" come to life!

As you can see, as of this day, there is no trim around the doorway, and we have the new cabinet fronts to stain, and some other touches to finish....but this is now a fully functional bathroom again!!! YEAH!!!

I have been promised that this weekend....this handsome tiny room will be ready for its full reveal.
Hey, as long as all the little men in my life can take showers and do all their "boy stuff" in their own bathroom again...all is right in MY world! ;)

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