Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Just a shower curtain!?

All I wanted was a new shower curtain for our hall bathroom (aka: the Boys' bathroom).

It had seen it's day....and our boys were growing tired of the monkeys and frogs. 

So, brilliant mom that I am....decided that for Christmas I would order them a new "BIG BOY" shower curtain, and maybe some new rugs! But then I made the mistake of telling Baileyhusband my plan.

You see, my husband has never been proud of this part of our home. He continually puts down, makes fun of, and is embarrassed of this room. "Not my best work", he explains. And to be honest, it is not our style anymore. He decided that IF we were going to get a new look in there......that we needed A WHOLE NEW LOOK IN THERE!!!

And this is Christmas morning....

.....some puzzled looks from my little guys.
In a box they received:
1. The new curtain
2. clock
3. towels
4. faucet
5. and a piece of tile (which we are now NOT using)

"Oh, we have BIG plans for this bathroom", explained their dad. While the boys were excited to see the result. I don't think they understood the magnitude of this little makeover.

Here are some "Before" shots:

The cabinets...15 yrs old....had seen better days. 4 children are being raised in this home, and this poor cabinet is proof of that! 

One day I came home to this:

One of several holes in the wall....yep, he can't just leave well enough alone!! According to Baileyhusband, the walls were drywalled incorrectly with shims that didn't need to be there, making the walls uneven. 

 Can you say CAN OF WORMS?? This is how almost every project goes around a HUGE thing leads to another....

and THIS is how the bathroom currently looks:




Maureen said...

All I wanted was a shelf in my kitchen and wound up with the whole room torn apart. I can't even blame a man, since I did it myself.

BaileyWife said...

Love it! Glad we are not alone! :)

thistlewoodfarm said...

LOL! You go girl! The bathroom will be amazing once you get to hang up that new shower curtain :)


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