Saturday, January 5, 2013

A Winter Wonderland (around our farm)

We already had a big blanket of snow....
when, the other day it began snowing again, and it was so beautiful....

I decided to go around our farm and take a few snapshots.....

Even though our farm is more fun in the summer, the beauty of winter is undeniable.

Hershey-girl is still the "farm-keeper", even in the cold months.

 Ken walking to the pasture to visit his ladies! :)

Our peacocks getting their adult tailfeathers...just gorgeous!

Too cold for the chickens to venture out.

And even though this windmill quit actually moving a few years back, just can't part from it!

Picture perfect shots are everywhere when the ground has fresh fallen snow
and the world seems to be still.

And lastly, our guineas, sunning themselves in the barn door, along with Dixie in her winter coat.

I am still in love with winter.....hopefully this love affair will remain until spring! Although, I CANNOT wait to  get out in my gardens and get my hands dirty....and spend more (quality) time with my animals. 
Right now, Baileyhusband has been doing most of the chores, and keeping our calves tame. Now that the holidays are over, I plan on joining in more often! 


Holly Browning said...

Kim...don't you love your farm? It is so beautiful. We live in suburbia for now but we are house hunting and looking for more of a country type property. I like conveniences around but beautiful space is priceless.

Ashley Rane Sparks said...

Wow...these pictures are beautiful!
I have to ask you a girl from Orange County CA, why do you have peacocks in a cage? Are you farming peacocks?
thanks for educating me...
Ashley Rane Sparks

BaileyWife said...

We are raising peacocks....and keep some in an enclosure for their protection. We have coyotes, foxes, and other predators. We definitely do not our females out because we only currently have 3. Thanks for visiting Ashley!

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