Tuesday, January 1, 2013

2012-Year of CHANGE- Part 2

                                     GOOD-BYE 2012

When I gave birth for the first time (in 1994)...the year 2012 was already etched in my mind.

This would be the year that my sweet baby girl would become an adult.....
she would graduate high school....and possibly leave the comfort of my arms for that great big scary world out there!

And then it DID happen.....2012 came: she DID become an adult, she DID graduate from high school, and worst of all.......SHE LEFT MY ARMS FOR THAT GREAT BIG WORLD OUT THERE!

Her dorm room
Have I mentioned that I don't like change? 

So, 2012 was very bitter-sweet for us. BaileyHusband (as macho as he is), 
does not like change much either. 

Our family has learned how to funtion on a daily basis...but her holiday homecomings are all the more special....

Good-bye 2012....I MADE IT THROUGH YOU. 
From starting a new career path....and letting my baby girl join the world....

I have really high hopes for 2013, and hope our family and farm continue to prosper in HIS light.
Happy New Year EVERYONE! 

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